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What Happened on January 29

January 29 : Major Historical Events

1528 : Mughal Emperor Babur captured Chanderi fort from Rana Sanga's most distinguished Lieutenant Medini Rai.

1780 : India's first newspaper Hicky's Bengal Gazetteor the Calcutta General Advertiserwas published by James Augustus Hicky in English languge. Commercial advertising began in India with the appearance of the first advertisement in Hicky's Bengal Gazette.

1896 : Swami Pranabananda Maharaj, the founder of of Bharat Sevashram Sangha, was born in bajitpur village in Bangladesh.

1939 : Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture was founded.

1953 : Sangeet natak Academy was set up.

1979 : India's first Jumbo passenger train with with two engines 'Tamil Nadu Express' was flagged off from New Delhi Railway Station for Madras.

1994 : Government of India repealed the Air Corporation Act of 1953.

Today in History of India

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