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What Happened on January 26

January 26 : Major Historical Events

1556 : Mughal Emperor Humayun expired from a fall in the staircase.

1930 : For the first time observed as the Swaraj Day, i.e., Independence Day of India, while under the British rule.

1950 : India was declared as a Sovereign Democratic Republic and the new Constitution of Independent India came into force. Since then it is observed as the Republic Day of India.

1950 : C Rajagopalachari relinquished the office of the last Governor General of India and Rajendra Prasad became the first President of India.

1950 Ashoka's 'Lion Capital' was adopted as the National Emblem.

1950 : The Federal Court of India created in 1937 became the Supreme Court of India.

1950 : Chittaranjan, the locomotive town and a model industrial colony, was inaugurated.

1950 : India's flagship HMIS Delhi became INS Delhi

1972 : A national memorial 'Amar Jawam' was installed at India Gate in New Delhi.

1981 : Vayudoot air service started.

Today in History of India

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